Friday, July 22, 2016

Coast to Coast is out NOW!!

Whoa! I can't believe our record "Coast to Coast" is finally out today. We are beyond stoked. Seriously. We wrote the first single, "Totally Outrageous," like 2 1/2 years ago. I think Ray's guitar riffs set it all off. We wanted to make a rock record, one that you could really feel in your guts, and in your heart. Or at least, that's what came naturally.

We do everything ourselves, with a little help from our friends. We write, record, and produce everything, including this record, in the house where Jeff and I live. (Jeff is truly the master behind the beautiful sound of this record. We all worked our butts off to make it come to life, but he was the one who really put his heart into engineering, recording, and mixing all of it, even when we had endless notes.) We strategize. We do our own PR. We book our own shows and tours. Until this new record we pretty much did all our own art. We bankroll our own opps. And we self-release our music.

We had lofty plans. To make a full-length album, with a year's worth of videos that would premiere every month in 2015, and an elaborate storyline revolving around our bass player at the time, Josh. But Michael Grodner from Dirty Laundry convinced us to put our plans on hold. He believed he could help us find he right indie label for us. And he did. When we listened to the awesome bands on Broken World Media's roster, we knew it was a good fit.

But when Josh left the band late last year to do his own thing, it threw me for a loop. It wasn't even surprising because I always felt like he was destined for greater things. Josh is a special talent, such an authentic and soulful music maker, and that's why I handpicked him to be in the band. The songs he wrote on this album are some of my all-time favorites, especially "Sky Blue Haze." Not to be dramatic, but I almost didn't want to continue the band without him. After sitting on this record for so long, it felt like it wasn't meant to be, and I almost quit.

Then Cindy came along and picked up where Josh left off and I feel like we've been injected with new life. And with patience, the record is finally here. And we're crazy excited to share it. We're eternally grateful to Derrick from Broken World Media for releasing it, and making it a gorgeous 12" vinyl. It's one-sided, six songs, no filler, and the B-side features an etching of radical artwork by our buddy Christopher Danko from one of our favorite bands, Religious Girls. (He also did the art for the whole jacket.)

But honestly, our drummer Clay is the one who got us here. He lives and breathes Batwings Catwings more than anyone. He's our team captain, and he is the man behind the scenes pretty much orchestrating everything. When I feel like giving up, Clay doesn't let me. (Sometimes that's annoying :P) I love this dude like my own flesh and blood and I'm proud to have been playing in this band with him for almost 7 years!

So anyway, we really hope you enjoy "Coast to Coast!" When you listen to it, imagine yourself sweating and suffocating in the humid, shoulder-to-shoulder underground venues of the late-90s and early 2000s. Or blasting it in your high school bedroom while you stare at the popcorn ceiling.

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