Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Springs Weekend #2

So, holy shit, what a gnar weekend in Palm Spings...again! Friday night we played the Ace Hotel bar with our dudenheimers HABITS, they killed it so hard. We had rooms right next door to each other too. A true recipe for disaster. The show was rowdy as hell, had a bunch of hotel guests get all sorts of nutty with us. After the show we pooled it up and ate some late night food then back to the room for some Dana surfing, Sailor Jerry, Gone with the Wind IV(had to be there), and pure times with the homies.

The next day, pooled it up again all day, got my burn on and shit. Dana bumped into some the hotel guests that saw us play the night before. They were there for a bachelor party with 30 dudes, and asked if wanted to play their hotel room at 5pm, they negotiated to give us $800 bux to play. We said hell yeah, so we went set up in their big ass suite and drank a ton of their booze. Right before we were about to play, the guy whose room it was said it was a no go and we couldn't play. Bah humbug was said by all but it was his room...soooo...we left but we were full of free booze and got $300 bux at least for our effort. SO many other stories to share but we'll just have you check out the pix.

Ashley, our tour manager. She is a shark.

Dana, Josh and THEE Bachelor.

Bachelor party hotel room almost show...

Dana, Ray and Scott (did our Radio video and ultimate home boy).

Dana and the bachelor brodies.

Surfing Dana, Amanda looks concerned.


Josh's Euro hams.

Ashley top, Dana bottom...super thick cushion between.

Super drunk guy dancing like a stripper fell into my bass drum...he was ragin! haha..

Drunk guy r-n-r.