Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween and stuffzzz...

So, hey! BWCW loves the Halloween. We managed to go out a few different nights to get tore up costume style. The lovely and talented 杉山聡美 and ultra buddy was there to take fantastic pics! Here they are. Some of the band shots are of our guy pals in Stab City (and Dustin from Halloween Swim Team) who did a set of Of Montreal songs at The Echo, so good! Others are da crew. Oh, and here is some snippets of press in the from our new 7" that is available NOW HERE.

Guess what!? You can listen to both of the songs here at Pure Volume. You will like them so much that you will be forced to buy the 7" riiiight?!

Lil somefin ova here too at One Thirty BPM.

Oh, and CMJ posted some shiz too here!

So much more to come people!!!!