Thursday, October 20, 2011


So, hey dudes! Yeah, we are getting close to the 7" release. We will be playing a Origami show and having a 7" release show probably early November so keep an eye open for those. We have two things in December planned as well that should be rad. We will premiere the video for Radio soon as well, it's just all ready to explode...ahhh, the anticipation kills us! There have been some leaks of the songs but hey, what you gonna do. The more you all hear em the better yeah!? Well here are some of the links to check em out.

Pre-Order 7" here. Limited release so get it now: HERE.

Radio is on My Old Kentucky blog: HERE.

Early Exit is on this New Zealand pod cast: HERE.

Radio can also be heard at Solid Gold: HERE.

Goooood times are a comin!! Woooo!!