Thursday, September 22, 2011


So, we are gonna be on Lysander's radio show called the Pinata Hour on Wednesday 9/24. It is from 7-9 PST. We will be premiering our two new songs from our 7" on Gravy. You can call in and talk to us and shit too if you is the number. (800) 893-9562...It'll be a blast and a half FO SHO! If you are near a computer or a smart phone check it.... It will be podcasted later too for those in the UK and other awesome wait a few days and it will be up. We will post it here too.

This Saturday is Ham on Everything's Free Fan Appreciation Show too! We are playing with Sirah, Kid Static, and Briefcase Scenario. Really, gonna be a whole lot of sickness...we the only band...mostly Hip-Hop..let's see if we can get Dana to bust some rhymes!
Here is the FB event for it...

Hope things are bitchin for all ya all!