Sunday, September 4, 2011

FYF, Garage Art Show, Foot Village, KIT, Sirah

So, hey! What up dudes? Thanks to all the people that came to our show Friday night. Wow! So many people!! Oh, and thanks to Ray, our new guitar player, for killin it for his first show!

Took some pics at FYF yesterday, it was a pretty sick day. Thanks to Sean, Mike, Phil and the rest of the crew for making it rad. VIP was super!

Our friends in Foot Village and KIT have new videos. Check em out! Oh, and I have been playing drums with Sirah for fun too. Check her new video, it's a bangin pop track.

You can click on the pix to make em grow bigger too ya know...

Friday night:

The Weakerthans:

Kid Dynamite (Used to love these guys!)

The Decendants!

Death From Above 1979 from really far away.

New Foot Village!

Foot Village - This Song is a Drug Deal

New KIT video!

KIT "Out of Ruins" music video