Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So, had a nutty 4th. Actually a nutty 2nd and 3rd. 4th was chill. We played The Smell, busted out to all night desert show, which we got wasted at and never did play, then after raging in the sand and climbing this big ass mountain drunk, at 6am we decided to go to Vegas. It was radical times. Vegas had mad rain, super cool thunder and lightning. We stayed at Terribles...their buffet was .... well..you guessed it..Made it to Pawn Stars pawn shop too...mostly just ate and partied though, not much gambling...

The Smell show was amazing! Thanks for all the peeps singing along...so cool!

The almighty and my top favs in L.A., Peter Pants

BWCW (Thx Ray!)

Dana and Jay Phillipino sibs..

The Smell

ZORCH...bummed we missed their set because we went to desert show..awesome dudes though, check em out!

Hey oooo...

Slummin it Egg McMuffin style...the only time I eat Mc breakfast is when I am still up from the night before...

Kyle is a sorcerer.

Kid Infinity

Ruiko, Satomi and I went to top of this drunk..took 2 hrs up and down...

Pawn Stars