Monday, July 25, 2011

Mexico Show y Fiesta y Pepper's last stand.

So, besides some van dilemmas we came through and had a rager of a time south of the border. It was Pepper's last show with us ever and our new guitar player Ray's first. All the bands killed it and the cervezas were flowin like crazy. After the show, at like 3am, we went to a party deeper into Mexicali until sunrise, then made it to some 24 hr taco place that ruled. Ate, then busted back to the border at like 9am, to finally sleep. Got to the hotel we booked on U.S. side but decided to just truck it back to LA. Then the van went kaput...nonetheless, we eventually made it home! Great times. We love you Mexicali! Thanks Anthony, Martha, Her Sister, Erik, Abby, Therapist, Ana, Noise Beat Propaganda, J for Jesus from Premiere Towing, crust boy trying to make it to Universal Studios, Lauren, Nate H, Maniqui Lazer, Pacheko, and Luis!!

and the adventure begins..

Maniqui Lazer

Therapist (Only got two of em but they will be at The Smell 8/26. Come!)


Thanks Abby for being a merchant.


Abby and Erik

Pepper Glass

Dana tasering Pepper.

Noise Beat Propaganda

Late night fiesta..

8am taco joint. Bomb.

Dana was tasering everyone all night!