Monday, May 23, 2011


So, had a bday party kegger for my birthday yesterday. It was off the hook man. 120 beers, a keg, tetherball, horseshoes, gyoza, cake, keg stands, Taco Bell party packs, KFCizzle, dance parties, hotateyaki, Japaneses curry, about 40 buddies, Conan, Erik in a tree, pinanta, little 70's weiners, head shots, zip line, Coco chan, Dana you tube dj, icy shots, sake bombs, 6 footer = Best party ever!
Margo art she made for me!

Smitty and the crew

Best shirt of the day

Sake bombs mad flowing all day

Early HOMIES!!

All day smiles

Dalton's sick homebrew

Dalton's keg stand

HOMIES!! + #1 Homie RUiko, and Coco chan

Erik vs Dana

Dana's swipe

Tara getting Montana with it!


Dana and Mo and strawberry koala.

Erik and Mab getting pinata ready!

Erik the frightened monkey

The pad

One leg down

Wind up



There goes the other leg

Pinata master

Bobby once

Bobby twice and all the random goodies came pouring out.

Scouring for goodies

More scouring

Mo stoked on her finds

Vanessa stoked on her finds

Erik, master pinata stuffer. Notice the head shot of him on I have.

Erik's head shot and a boob were in the pinata

Sam the pinata

Sharing the insane pinata finds





Susan and Mo and rock stars.

Dana and Tara, you tube djs.

HOMIES!! Mo rockin next to the door.

Cake for me

One candle left, meaning I have one gal pal..RUIKO! Pinched that last one out with my thumb to prove my love for her.



Japanese invasion of our kitchen. Hotateyaki!!

Something funny happened

Lights out

Jedi "hold it" technique

Erik is fond of poles

Dalton vs Tara

Dalton vs Erik

"The Swipe"

"The Kick"

The pad

Nate vs Bobby


Nate's wylee tetherball sylings!

"Must stop ball"

Erik is fond of poles.

Marg vs Mab Madness


Let's do it again sooon!!