Friday, May 13, 2011

CYP2 ....not to be confused with CPK...

So, Check Yo Ponytail 2 was off the chain Tuesday! It was such a blast...everyone was getting totally nuts the whole time..mad stage divin action man!! Friend's, Mans Assassination Man were rowdy and the best I have seen them...drunk and all. Trash Talk slayed with bitchin circle pit craziness..also the best I have seen em. Wavves, dressed like busted ladies, were the best I have seen em to date too and even had a smile pit going...and well...left before Andrew WK...

Thanks to Jacob, who plays drums in Wavves, for getting me press access so I could bring in my camera. He's the one who remixed Endless Summer for us too!
Batwings Catwings - Endless Summer (Jacob Safari Remix) by Batwings Catwings

Whata guy;)

Anyways, here..take a looky>>



Trash Talk

Man's Assassination Man