Friday, April 29, 2011

New message from Shinji from the Boredoms and DMBQ

SO, here is more info about Japan. Shinji is the man helping with many of the benefit shows happening, including the one I did a few weeks ago. Here is his message:

> Hi, its Shinji here.
> I went to Tokyo few days ago. Things seems getting back to normal, but
> Tokyo has changed a lot. People, Town, Shopping center and stores,
> train and station... everything is quiet and dark. I was living in
> Tokyo over 12 years, I had not had such strange mood when I was living
> there. The interior light of the train and the show window in the
> town, and even neon in an infamous town Kabukicho, Shinjuku had been
> turned off. Plus, the aftershock is happening still now, it happened 3
> times in 2 days when I had stayed. I talked with my friends in Tokyo a
> lot, like interview. I found all of them feels small frustrations and
> vague uneasiness to the future. Ideal way of life, health, politics,
> information and journalism, economy, and the future... They have to
> think many things that they didn't need to think seriously until
> today. Now this work make a lot of Tokyo people tired. The more people
> thinks, the more uneasiness is amplified. It seems bad spiral.
> However, I am not taking a pessimistic view. I think it is a big
> chance to review the way of life. I felt some loneliness from this
> quiet Tokyo, and, at the same time, I could have a hunch that
> something new begin from this big city. People's consideration begins
> to be reformed earlier than the recovering of this country. I really
> hope my slow intuition comes true.
> On the other side, bad news about nuclear accident doesn't stop. On
> April 18th, TEPCO announced the work schedule for the accident
> settling of the nuclear plant in Fukushima. Everybody feels it is too
> late. One month and a week passed from the accident. They said it aims
> to hold off the leakage of the radioactive substance that continues
> after the accident occurs 6 to 9 month later. 6 to 9 month.... Their
> announcements only exposed how the situation is serious. We have to
> live worrying about the radiation poisoning for 6 month or more.
> People in the stricken area are more serious. When might people who
> take shelter be able to come back to their home ?
> And, the expansion of secondary damage doesn't stop too. Farm products
> and the food of the stricken area outskirts are not sold at all in the
> market. North east Japan is agriculture and a stock raising district.
> This makes the economy of North East Japan annihilated. Because the
> safety standard from the government is unclear, the customers are
> avoiding them.
> Moreover, the tiny amount of a radioactive substance was detected from
> mother's milk in some regions. The Ministry of Health, Labour and
> Welfare says it is a level without the influence healthily. However it
> is very very sad news. I can't imagine feelings of moms who knows that
> their milk might be dangerous to their own babies...
> The daily life of children changed too. Fukushima Prefecture has
> implemented a one-hour time limits for outdoor recess at public
> schools and for the length of time that can be spent at some public
> parks due to radiation threat to children. Government announced it is
> no problem if the hand and the body are washed after kids plays there.
> Who plays in such a park? Soil removed from school and play grounds
> has no place to go. The government notified the Fukushima Prefecture
> board of education and related organization the standard of doses of
> radiation is 20 millisieverts/year. It is an obviously too high
> numerical value for children. 20 millisieverts/year equals doses of
> radiation in which the workers' accident compensation recognition will
> be approved if the nuclear plant workers get leukemias. Moreover, it
> is the same as the maximum doses of radiation apply by nuclear plant
> workers in Germany. Its crazy.... We and many NPOs/NGOs, non-profits,
> volunteer groups, protest against an inhumane decision of Japanese
> Government now, and are doing the signature activity that demands the
> withdrawal. Sorry, it is only in Japanese...
> And, some kids who taking shelter from Minami Soma City are getting an
> unscientific discrimination in their shelter destination, new school
> etc. They are said by the ignorant local kids and parents like "Do not
> come close to me. Radioactivity might be infected"... That's totally
> stupid.
> We should think about the cause of such an ignorant act. Because such
> secondary damage and confusion should be held off, correct information
> announcement and the education are necessary promptly.
> And, if you have dogs or cats, please visit this link... Victims
> around nuclear accident could not take their pet when they escaped. I
> have a cat in my house. I can't imagine how owners feels sad...
> At last, the Nuclear Saftey Agency admitted MELTDOWN. Although
> everyone has already known, the criticism has concentrated from all
> over the world on this too slow announcement. Our country scattered
> the radioactivity in the atmosphere still now, and threw away the
> radioactive water without permission to the sea. After this situation
> settles, we should determine an international criticism.
> Some of Japanese TV and the other mass media start returning us to
> usual life to get back their CM revenue. However, please do not
> forget. Japan is in the middle of the nuclear accident still. Nothing
> is reported quite specially, but the radioactivity keeps leaking today
> too. The nuclear reactor is very a delicate state today too. And, so
> many people in stricken area have to sleep in refuge tonight too and
> they can't find how to recover their own life by themselves yet. Do
> not let us be accustomed to this situation.
> We still have so many problems and are holding big uneasiness to the
> future, but people are living positively, in the stricken area, Tokyo,
> and other cities and every small towns in Japan. I believe this
> hardship to be got over by people's power, and I believe Japan is a
> beautiful country still.
> Shinji Masuko / DMBQ, Boredoms

Thanks buddy! You are da man! 私たちの心はあなた達と共にあります