Monday, March 28, 2011

Stab City//TheUnstoppableDeathMachines//ReligiousGirls//NewAhabVid

So, yeah. Went to a show that Bobby V put on the other night. It was a well attended show with many home boyz and galz. Stab killed it as usual, Brooklyn/Queens bros UDM were prob the best I have seen them to date...but always great of course...and Religious Girls did an impromptu tunnel performance that was magical...which resulted in some unfortunate negative aftermath. All of which was not ill-intended....twas more spontaneous than anything and resulted in some bummer drama...BUT nonetheless people, great bands and good times. Here are some pics and a little video to prove the madness.


Stab City


Bobby playing UDM's last crowd participation song.

Chris from Religious Girls doing the same.

I like how these next two pics go together>>

Oh, and have you seen local dudenheimers Captain Ahab's new vid?? Fingerlicious yall!