Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daytime Benefit Show for Japan @ The Smell 4/10

SO, this is gonna be good but for even a better cause. Facebook event here. Here is a message from the man that is the inspiration for this event.

>> Hi everyone, it's Shinji here.
>> Osaka is getting warmer day by day. Flowers are blooming everywhere in
>> my town, and Japanese favorite cherry blossoms will flower in this
>> weekend here. Although Japan is a state of emergency now, the nature
>> surely brings a beautiful seasonal scene as usual.
>> The nuclear plant situation is going to worse day by day still... We
>> have to hear bad news every day. Today, plutonium was detected in the
>> nuclear plant site, and high levels of radiation exceeding 1,000
>> millisieverts per hour have been detected in water in a trench outside
>> of the nuclear plant. It is coming from the reactor’s core where fuel
>> rods have partially melted. It means the inside of the nuclear reactor
>> runs to the outside. However, the government announcement and the TV
>> news are very quiet, and they are telling us again and again just "The
>> level is no risk to humans immediately". I think now all the Japanese
>> general person feels the situation is much more stringent than the
>> government announcement and Japanese TV news report. And, most of
>> overseas media and some specialists in Japan warn that this is not a
>> safe level any longer. We need correct information right now. However,
>> information is very complicated here. I think this nuclear plant
>> accident will face the decisive point soon. For better or worse, it
>> will face the end sooner or later. At that time, we have to take
>> correct measures.
>> The relief of the stricken area is infiltrating gradually. It is not
>> enough yet, but getting better day by day. The circle of support
>> extends surely. The relief that victims need begins to change to the
>> next diversified stage from the primary stage. Although we cannot pay
>> attention to all of those, we can think what we can do now. Actually
>> some of my friends are also starting up activity independently here.
>> It is becoming big support though each one is as small as us.
>> I could talk with Yoshihide Otomo on 28th. He said his brother in
>> Fukushima told him the most of urban area of Fukushima is getting
>> better. The city function is recovering gradually. However, the
>> catastrophic damaged area in Fukushima is different. The area is
>> off-limits now because of radioactivity. So, only a few groups are
>> working in that area.
>> I am going to send some donation from you to a non-profit group called
>> The Japan Chernobyl Foundation (JCF).
>> JCF is a only medical group which is entering in this area now. Now
>> the government pressed the voluntary evacuation to residents in
>> 30-kilo meters range from the nuclear plant. However, there are a lot
>> of elderly persons and sick persons in the area. Most of people
>> escaped to outside of this area independently. Only the weak who
>> cannot move long distance by bedridden remain in this area. Their
>> evacuation is very difficult and costly. Even the municipality is in
>> great difficulty now because getting cooperation from private
>> companies is not easy. JCF is doing great activity under this severe
>> situation. They do medical care and bring medicines to the area.
>> And, now I am talking with a NGOs called JOICFP, a group that
>> supports pregnant women and nursing mothers and the woman in the
>> developing country and the disaster area.
>> Now they are working for pregnant woman and baby's mothers in the
>> refuge, for their birth and child care. They have intimate cooperation
>> with the mid wives association in the stricken area. The refuge is the
>> one of the worst environment for birth and child care, for hygiene,
>> medical treatment, and mental side too. They are long‐standing,
>> reliable group. However, their activity are not receiving much
>> attention from the general public, and the activity fund doesn't
>> suffice at all. Because their activities are not large-scale relief
>> activities like Civic Force, I think our small fund is used here very
>> effectively.
>> I will send them the donation
>> that totals from you and from my Japanese friend's network too. I
>> think this small fund with you is able to be a important part of early
>> relief for this terrible earthquake and tsunami. I am proud of this.
>> Thank you for your warm support. I appreciate it very much!
>> Shinji Masuko /DMBQ, Boredoms


In conjunction with Shinji Masako from DMBQ and The Boredoms, The Smell, and Panache Booking

cLAy TV presents:

A daytime benefit for Japan:

///////Big Business
(Members of Murder City Devils,The Melvins, ex-Karp)

/////////400 Blows

///////////Foot Village

/////////////Skull Tape
(Members of XBXRX, Hawnay Troof, Bro Hammer, Man's Assassination Man, Signals, KIT, Robotonists, Robin Williams on Fire, ex-Mae Shi)

///////////////Moses Campbell

/////////////////Batwings Catwings

///////////////////SPOBRA from Japan

/////////////////////Dj Jacob Safari
(Wavves, Signals, ex-Mae-Shi)

Vegan food items will be available.

$10 or as much as you have. If you have the capabilities to help with more, then do so.

This event will sell out. Get there early.



I lived in Japan for a year in 2004-2005, tied the knot with Ruiko (she is from Japan) and am a 2004 tsunami survivor so this all touches close to home. I am proud to be putting this together and happy to be playing with some of my favorite L.A. bands. Hope to see you there!