Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So, finally I have time to get these pix to you from our SXSW tour. Holy moly..best tour I have ever been on...albeit short, it was a blast and a half half...well I guess a double blast!! Wow, so much funny stuff and good times were had. Dana wrote some about it over at her blog here. There are so many pics to share that it is going to be in two parts. Here is Tues, Wed, and Thur of the tour. Thanks to everyone, especially Maureen and Elena who were roadies/merch/managers/awesome! You gals be the bestest ever! Part Dos later.

Phoenix area and show there. Just one pic from show...it was kind of a dead dive bar...our show got canceled last minute so we scrambled to play somewhere...anywhere!

El Paso

El Paso...played with buds Bastidas....Henry and Sonia rule!

Shirt I bought Pepper from Kmart in Phoenix. He is Vegan.

Da van.

First show in Austin at Cherrywood, 12:30pm. Free pancakes and beer. OH man, the madness begins.

Elena, road warrior.

Dana, Maureen, Merch

6th St in Austin.

Our bud Eric's band from Toronto called Neon Windbreaker. Super rad! He runs We Are Bust Bodies...he got us on the showcase. Thanks Eric!!

Hanging before Kid Infinity show, Dana spun some tunes before they played...she had the crowd movin like crazy..kickin up mad dust!


Irish Maureen

Saw homies Kid Infinity down the street after Dana's Dj set.

Japanther played before we went on. Japanther are always a good time.

Our SXSW Official show. Smack dab between Japanther and Zoobombs from Japan, like the middle so some sort of Japanese sandwich. We were hammered for it. So pro of us.

Zoobombs. They are from Japan and totally slay. Thursday Night. They played after us. Wowzers! Oh, they will be at The Redwood 3/31 and 4/1. GO!

Dana lovin the Zoobombs