Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BWCW SXSW TOUR (Part Dos Equis)

So, here is the Fri, Sat part. Friday was prob the best day...VERY little sleep but went straight to the free beer anyways...played at 12:30, 4:40 and 6:40...load in, drink, play awesome show with Fever Fever @ Redefine Mag party, drink, load out, drive, load in, drink, play Smell show, drink load out, drive, load in, drink, play a leather daddy bar with our shirts off, drink, load out, drive back to Smell show...get really hammer timed watching Tearist and Kid Infinity...then drive over night to Tucson for Saturday night show..Thanks to Elena we had a sober #1 Elena..and thanks for putting up with our pics of Tucson show..yet...but this guy who was at our show made this cool little video for us of our song Misbehaving though>>

As pics surface I will be sure to post em...
Walkin down 6th St

Pic of guy taking a band pic of us at Redefine Magazine party, which we played at but got no pics of us playing for some reason...musta been the free 20 oz Dos Equis..

Fever Fever is so damn dope, they played after us...they run this label called Gravy out of the UK which we will be putting a 7" on later this year. Helllllz yeah!!!

Nikki from Peter Pants

My fav band of the week and buddy ol pals Religious Girls

Our buddies The Unstoppable Death Machines played before us...

Friends, Manhattan Murder Mystery played earlier in the day...

Smell show

Killer Dana

Dana convinced us to play shirtless at the leather daddy bear bar for Ballistic Missile's show...we got mad free beer for doing tender to me when my shirt was back on, "Ohhh, I remember don't need to pay for aannny beers.." Yikes.

On the way home...this is the whole crew.