Sunday, February 6, 2011

3D Extravaganza

So, oh my. The Kid Infinity show Saturday night was off the "screen". Really the 3D was so nutty, it was poppin all over the place. Coming straight at ya. At times it looked like Ryan was punchin digital squares out of the air. It was at capacity, like 400+ people. So happy for our buddies, it went off! There are so many pics so here ya go. Didn't get a lot of angles, I was on the better part of hammered so gettting quality pics were not in the forefront of my mind...but there are some keepers! Got some of 87 Stick Up Kids with some slutty looking dancer and missed the other openers, including Captain Ahab:( We were playing an earlier show, pics from that later. If the 3D ever happens again and you have not seen it yet...then do it. It might be happening in Austin for SXSW too. Woooooo!

Kid Infinity

87 Stick Up Kids

After show and Dana and I getting beans thrown at us while wearing masks...A Japanese tradition called Setsubun no Hi...done while really wasted.