Thursday, January 6, 2011


So, yet another successful battle show. This one was the biggest and best by far. It was packed and fun was had by all. Yes, there were some competitive people out there that wanted clear cut winners, but in my book we are all winners. "And the winner is.....everybody!" Maybe next time we can do something different, crowd participation of something. One person actually did win, Mr. Michael Nhat, but he is always a winner. Thanks for coming everyone, the money went to kiddos that really need. It will allow them to engage with others in their world.

Remember this Saturday is an insane show we are throwin with a bunch of bands from out of town. RSVP here Awesome!!

Remember this 1/11/11 you can get our EP fro free at indiangold records. Our vid is near done too. Weeeee!!

Here are the pics from Battle Show III>>>

Mock Duck vs Tremellow vs Luna is Honey (feat Michael Nhat and SPOBRA)

Narwhal Party vs Gestapo Khazi

Peter Pants vs Traps Ps

Some more taken by Satomi, thanks !!!

Battle Show IV coming in 2011!!