Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pix/Juiceboxxx/Wavves/WarPaint/Captain Ahab/Foot Village/Kid Infinity

SO, here is some new stuff. Out friend Satomi took some rad pics at the imps show the other night. Thanks Satomichan!

Went to see War Paint and Wavves last night. Here is some pics from my phone. Oh, our buddy Jacob is their new drummer. Neato!

Our buddy Juiceboxxx was in Asia and made this little tour vid..funny! Most seems to be Japan...

Please vote for our friends Foot Village for best live act in Pitchfork's readers poll>>here. You know they rule it live!
AND also vote for buddies Captain Ahab's track Actin Hard for best song tooo!
Oh, and be sure to get over to Kid Infinity's site to RSVP for upcoming 3D's going to off the hook!

We have some exciting news for you in the next few days!! Bye for now!