Thursday, December 2, 2010

December haps...

So, December is going to be nuts. First and foremost, our buddy Brandi has frickin brain cancer. Really, I know. She is 21 and that shit just hit her. It is in it's late stages and she is having a tough time. Those of us who know her know how much she rules. With her rad spirit let's hope that she kicks that shit's ass. There is a benefit show for her coming up to help with her medical bills. Please come out and support with art, bands, and food. Narwhal Party, Halloween Swim Team, and my (and Pepper from BWCW) old band TPF! is getting together for one more show. More to come too! RSVP here.

Second, Battle Show III @ The Smell is happening 12/30. Here are some past battle vids to get you getting pumped. The line up is looking siiiick!!! More soooon!!!

Third...MOCK band from Tokyo is coming to town to play some shows and record late December and early January. Prepare to be slaughtered.

Fourth..tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday we, BWCW, have two kick ass shows..hope to see you there!