Monday, November 29, 2010

Luna is Honey/Abe Vigoda/Kid Infinity/KAY-G Remix!/2 Shows

So, here are some photos from a couple friend bands we went to see lately. Luna is Honey from Sean Carnage night, Abe Vigoda from RVCA party, and Kid Infinity from Hustle House.

Check this remix from KAY-G of Endless Summer! Dope!
Endless Summer (KAY-G Remix) by Batwings Catwings

To hear other remixes go to our Soundcloud.

Oh, and we are playing this Friday at The Strange and Saturday at ALLSETS for The Imps of Marge and Fletch calendar release show!!! Free booze dudes!

Abe Vigoda. Just back from Euro tour and they sounded really damn good!

Luna is Honey

Kid Infinity

Oh, guilty pleasure here....or is it?! Love this new Robyn vid...