Tuesday, November 9, 2010

3D, Scary Japanese Food, The Imps, Teenage Sweater,.

So, here are some new pics of me and Ruiko from Halloween from our friend Satomi. She rules.

Scary Niku-jaga..Ooooooooo...

Also, we are playing this sweet ass show with our buds Kid Infinity and SPOBRA for our buddies, The Imps of Marge and Fletch calendar release party which is gonna be siiiick!

Speaking of Kid Infinity, their next 3D show is coming!!! You need to RSVP here and you even get a free Mp3. Do it here now!

Here is our first single, Endless Summer on Soundcloud.
Endless Summer by Batwings Catwings

BWCW update: Our myspace page.....whup di doo! Currently we are writing new songs, looking for a bass player still, and getting some videos in the works. Yeah boyeeee!

Oh, took some pics of our buddies in Teenage Sweater the other night! Good show!!