Wednesday, October 20, 2010

México tiene las cervezas grandes y chopes llamado!

So, those Negra Modelo Chope (Draft) were off the hook!! I wish they had them here man. 3 bucks for a huge ass mug. Man, we were lit up all night, shit, we didn't even play until like 2am. We love Mexicali, there is always some great people that like to get down and weird stories that we could share for days. Trust me, there are some good ones from this trip, just ask one of us the next time you see us. So here they are, pics of us, Luna is Honey, and Therapist in Mexicali.

Oh, and did you see the Halloween Fest we are playing?! Gonna be rad!

And if anyone is gonna be in San Bernardino this Friday night we are playing Femme Fair at 9:30 at Cal State.


Luna is Honey


Ab Fab, Salton Sea, Cabazon and more!!