Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dodger LAdies.

So, a bit backed up here, constipated if you will, from all the writing papers for my masters, working, practicing, and going to shows. So here are two in one. Pics from the show at Dodger Stadium , which is a new place downtown with skateramps, not real Dodger Stadium duhhhh, though all these bands (Luna is Honey, I.E., Ryat, Essay) deserve to play to a sold out crowd there someday. The other is The Smell show with Captain Ahab, XBXRX, and a debut of LA Dies (best name ever...LA Dies = Ladies, and they are all gals) and Aids Wolf. Shows were both fantastic!

As a sidenote, due to me being tired from having to work so damn early these days I missed the two closers, Essay and Aids Wolf from each night respectively. Both are so good though, but you all already know that!

Oh, and I went to Pavement, Sonic Youth, and No Age show was good...real good. Thanks for Walt for being my partner in crime. Thurston Moore gave a shout out to The Smell too! Just after he said that some guy in front of me turned around and asked me what "the spell" was. Silly. Oh, no pics from that show...rules rules rules.
The Smell show>>

Captain Ahab

The debut of LA Dies (members of Kit, I.E., Foot Village)

Dodger Stadium Show>>

Ryat from Philly

Luna is Honey

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