Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dem Passwords

So, the show is this Saturday. Can't wait! Rsvp and details here. It'll be insane and a great opportunity to get out and try on a new venue on for a change. Remember that it starts at 8 and needs to be done by midnight. We can all go karaoke afterward?! Cloud Nothings debuted a new video today over at the fork they call pitch. I posted here>>

I have also added some pics from the Eagle Rock Music Festival. My plan was going to be to take a bunch of photos of bands but we only went there for like 30 minutes and decided to bbq and play Uno Attack at my pad instead. I missed my buds in The Soft Pack, Toys that Kill, and Manhattan Murder Mystery but oh well.

Belly Dancers at Eagle Rock Music Fest showing off for the camera.


Erik and Bobby after sneaking into 711. There was a huge line but we said fuck it and snuck in.

Erik and Bobby pretending to stand in line until we made a break for it.

Serious Uno Attack

Old man and girl should have seen that girl's boyfriend acting all serious behind her. Soo funny.