Sunday, September 26, 2010


So, went to two Vice parties in the last couple weeks. Both with free tequilla, aye aye aye. Good times with Woah Hunx and Po Po at the 3 of Clubs and Best Fwends and Abe Vigoda at El Cid. Good times I said!

OH, and wowzers...check out this show Sean Carnage and I are throwing at Dem Passwords in We-Ho with Cloud Nothings from Cleveland who are sooo catchy and good! Fanstastic>>>RSVP at Facebook here.

Abe Vigoda at El Cid

Friends at El Cid

Best Fwends (They did Marilyn Manson cover that was actually totally rad!)

Friends at 3 of Clubs

Po Po at 3 of Clubs

Woah Hunx at 3 of Clubs

We played an acoustic show the other day for a music therapy fundraiser show:
We may start doing this sometimes: Bat Shhhh Cat Shhhh.
ps...Still looking for a bass player....