Saturday, September 18, 2010


So, here are some pics from the last couple days. First the show with two radical bands from Brooklyn, Unstoppable Death Machines (who knew NYC born and raised could be such swell dudes?) and Sundelles (NYC via San Diego, their fellow town mates The Soft Pack came to see em), our fav little buddies Woah Hunx and us. Last night was long time pals Fatastica Bastidas (new drummer totally rocks) and Meho Plaza (one of my fav locals for a while now). There are some randoms in here too.

Oh, 10/9 Sean Carnage and I are throwing a sweeet show at a sweeet new venue called Dem Passwords in We-Ho. Not only is it going to be rad BUT frickin one of my new fav bands Cloud Nothings from Cleveland is playing...oh and us too! Holy shiz, more to come on that!

Double OH! Don't forget we have new tracks streaming NOW here on the blog over in that margin or our Facebook (My Band tab), or good old Myspace. They will be available for download soon:)
BWCW (AKA "us")


Hangin at da bar...those two dudes were camera hungry, well as least one of em was.

Unstoppable Death Machines

Woah Hunx

P-did and I gettin goofy.

Meho Plaza

Mohawk watching the bands, these group of four guys have been everywhere lately. They rule!

Fantastica Bastidas