Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So, we over to Newport Beach the other day. Perfect summer day, it's been hot as hell here as we all know, downtown has a all time record high two days ago, 113 degree! BALLS! Anyway, it was nice to get to the beach, we drank Club and Ice beers and felt like teenagers. It was nice nice nice. Pics below.

Dudes, Cloud Nothings show is going to be so gooooood. Sean Carnage and I are throwing it. Man, if you have not listened to them before, do it. So catchy and good, really listen to them, the whole songs, really, seriously. Ok, if you are not going to click on the link then here ya go:

Some seafood place we ate at. Yummers. Apparently the chix in The OC went to this place...

Sun down at the wedge.

Some vids of friends that have came out lately..done by Michael Fierstein and Vice Cooler respectively.