Friday, September 10, 2010


So, went to the boat show in Long Beach harbor last night w/ Kid Infinity, M31 and The Hips...It was a pretty good time, though it was another weird cold summer night that we have been experiencing. We were supposed to play too but didn't, still looking for a new bass player and our temp Josh from Luna is Honey had to meet with Nic Harcourt from KCRW, god Josh couldn't you come up with a better reason for not being able to play the boat show:) Oh, and forgot to take bring my camera, bummer! Did you know the Queen Mary was bigger than the Titanic? Neat.

So, we have a busy week comin up. Our two new tracks will finally be available to the world on Monday. (9/13). You need to sign up to Deathbomb Arc's Digital Singles Club to get em. Sign up here. Every Monday for a whole year (we are just the 2nd week, once you sign up you get all the ones already released too!) you will receive two unreleased tracks from bands like: Captain Ahab, Foot Village, I.E., BITCHES, CVLTS, U.S. Girls, Juiceboxxx, Teeth, Ear Pwr, Girls in the Eighties, Blissed Out, tik//tik, Railcars, The Urxed, Back to the Future the Ride, Kevin Greenspon and a ton of others. Sooooo worth it.

This Saturday (9/11) we will be playing Mime School in Echo Park with Stab City, M31, and Rats Eyes. Rats Eyes is the drummer from The Locust new band. They are rowdy, so it will be fun! We are on 2nd. Here is the facebook event for it.

This Sunday(9/12) is going to fun at Big Fish. If you have never been there, it's in Glendale, close to Atwater Village on San Fernando. A super divey dive bar. Luna is Honey, Kid Infinity, Luna and Honey and us are going to collab on one song we have been working on together. NEATO! Luna is Honey and Tremellow will be playing full sets too! Oh, and that awesome Japanese dancin troupe is gonna do there thang too, SPOBRA! If you got nothin this Sunday come. Here is the facebook event for it.

Next Thursday (9/16) we are playing at The Smell for Lots of Crap presents: Unstoppable Death Machines (NYC), Sundelles (NYC), and our buds Woah Hunx. Good damn show people. You gotta come! Here is the facebook event for it.