Sunday, September 12, 2010


So, didn't make it to Hoodstock last night, wonder how it went? Anyway, last night we played a show with buds M31 and Stab City, with Rats Eyes and Total Fang. I had a blast and a half! All the bands fit well together, it felt like a "punk" show, which we have not really played in a while. Thanks to Josh for fillin in on the bass and rockin it perfectly. Here are the pics from late to early!

BTW, our new tracks are officially out! Go here if you want them. We will be putting them up on myspace and for download soon!

After Party....too much BEAM.

Mr. Penguin watching show, then he got kicked, then standing tall again.

Stab City

Rats Eyes

Hangin with Mr. Penguin.

Total Fang

Ooops, didn't get many of us...but there was a vampire cat in the bathroom...