Sunday, September 5, 2010


So, another year down. Good times were had at FYF once again. The usual annoying big festival inevitables came up such as running out of beer, huge lines for bathrooms, food, drinks, entrance and not to mention dust everywhere BUT, thanks to Mike, Sean and Phil most of those annoyances were avoidable with with access they hooked us up with. Thanks again guys. Not sure on the total head count yet but there were a shit load of people that's for sure!

For a while there was a tent backstage with free beer, liquor, food, and water. I was in heaven thinking that it was going to last all night, it didn't. Around 6 it closed and pretty much everyone, whether you were in a band or just a fan, you had to wait in a line to do anything, well except to use the bathroom, which was nice. Even saw Jason Schwartzman and Ryan Gosling in line in the VIP tent. Hee hee.

The best part of the day was the daytime really. Good bands, good friends, smaller lines, and good spirits. Toward the end of the night we were all food deprived, thirsty, dusty, totally sobered up and ready to bounce.

Took a ton of pics. Of course I couldn't get to every band and I was kinda drunk hangin with peeps most of the time but I got most if who I wanted to see, missed Dalorean though again, the third time in as many months! It was neat having the press pass, I usually just take photos of little shows at places like The Smell or Pehrspace, never really knowing what I am doing. With the press pass, I guess this is industry standard, you can stand in the pit, the part between stage and crowd, for the first three songs and then security clears everyone out. It was a little chaotic, dudes and ladies with nice ass equipment fighting for space trying to take the best photos they can for their respected companies, LA Times, Vice etc...Then there was me, pretty much diggin watching the band up close and dancin while snappin a few photos. It was a neat experience. It was double neat to be able to get on stage to shoot and take some from the side too. Ok, enough talky talky. Here are the pics starting from the last pic I took to the first (ie...sober, drunk, sober).

The Rapture

Panda Bear

Big Freedia (Look for the booty ain't hard)

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Dude in grass.

Luana's Bday!


I see you Dr. Pepper.

Jim from Das Smell.


The Soft Pack

Preston and Blaque Chris dancin to the pack.


Heaven until 6.

Best Coast

Jacob, Vice, and Kate watching Best Coast


Mike FYF. He scooted us right in...Mike rules.

Daytime small booze line in VIP tent.

Rollin with the Homies

School of Seven Bells at FYF Pre-Show at Grand Star Bar in Chinatown.

Lookin forward to next year already! Oh, and you gotta come see us play on a boat this Thursday. Go here to see more!