Monday, September 13, 2010


So, last night was the Big Fish show with SPOBRA from Japan who were so damn awesome, Tremellow who is my fav new band, and Luna is Honey who tore the roof off that mutha. Holy cow, what a fun time. It was also Kyle from Narwhal Party and Stab City b-day! I renamed it the smiley show, everyone was smiling the whole night. Neat to see. These pics may even put a smile on YOUR face too!

PS...our new songs are out, if you want hear them, we will show you how sooon!

Luna is Honey w/ support from Spobra and KJ Tony

Nate took this vid. Great!

Kyle's b-day craziness!

Our submissions for the wax museum.

The one and only...SPOBRA (Check Tyler's shadow show in the first pic..hahaha!)

Mr. Smiley, the host of the night.