Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So, Dana and I were cuttin up the dance floor last night at Bigfoot for Shadowscene and Jacob's night Some Nerve. Didn't take pics until the very end but there will be more over at Shadowscene in the next couple days. Thanks to everyone for coming out, the Colt 45s really slowed me down today.

Some pics of Abe, Dunes, Naomi Punk and Masters and Johnson from the other night at The Smell. Abe Vigoda's new album will be huge....mark my words.

Bummer about no alcohol at Echo Curio...BUMMER!

Deathbomb Arc's Digital Singles Club in Tiny Mix Tapes. Subscribe, for realllz. Good ass music.

We are playing Part Time Punks next Sunday. Gonna be great! Dadfag from SF and Phones are playing too. Fun times!

Some Nerve

Abe Vigoda


Naomi Punk/Masters and Johnson