Thursday, August 5, 2010

Man Mur Mys Partay/Agyness Deyn/Flying Wieners/Filipino Town/Mans Ass

So, been a nutty couple days. Friday was Manhattan Murder Mystery's tour kick off party at their place. So fun, it was a huge party and got to hang with tons of homies. A bunch of bands played but only got pics of one, not sure who it is. I was millin about chattin it up with peeps. Reallly good party.

Yesterday afternoon, Dana, Nathan and I went to a bbq with The Like, Shark Toys and others. We were late and all the bands were done, but got to take some pics of these people on stilts and uber super model Agyness Deyn (Blue Flannel). She was nice and even moved her car for us because we were parked in by her. Dana was stoked to see her!

Moving on into the night we went to see our buddy Elliot's sculpture and our friends play at Black Triangle. Took some pics of buds Ostrich Eyes whom I totally dig and Slumber Beast whom I also dig. Check the pic of the weird Hollywood-esque sign that says Historic Filipino Town, it's right on Glendale Blvd and never noticed it, funny!

Then headed over to Pehr for the Tetricide Closing party and took pics of Juiceboxxx and I.E. Juiceboxxx broke the stage by accident and Erik was a dancing sensation for I.E.'s set. Also took some of the art..Flying Wieners w/ Faces!

Oh, and friends Mans Assassination Man have a new vid. Check it!

Oh, and 9/13 our two new tracks will be unleashed to the world..we are about done with em. They will be released on Deathbomb Arc's Digital Singles Club. Join it here. They sound soooo good. Recorded by Daniel Haworth(Bad Dudes, Bi-Polar Bear, Hiking) and engineered by Pete Lyman @ Infrasonic Studios.

Manhattan Murder Mystery Tour Kick Off Party

Shark Toys/The Like/BBQ/Stilts/Agyness Deyn

Black Triangle Art Opening/Ostrich Eyes/Slumber Beast/Elliot Jackson Sculpture

Tretricide Closing Party/I.E./Juiceboxxx/

Mans Assassination Man