Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kid Infinity..Captain Ahab..Woah Hunx..S.J..HST..PTP..

So, got some pics of Kid Infinity/Captain Ahab show, Woah Hunx at that Sunset Junction Malo party, and some of us in the Junction, we snuck in. Hee hee. There are some real jems in these pics!

Halloween Swim Team's new vid too!

Oh, our tracks are done. 9/13 on Deathbomb Arc..whoa!!!!

Next Sunday we are at The Echo for Part Time Punks w/ Dadfag and Phones. First show in months! Wooo!

Sunset Junction (Dana and Nathan down there)

Trippy Funnel Cake!

Mr. Matza lookin cool. Woah Hunx

Captain Ahab

Brian and Jim...awwwww:)

Kid Infinity

Pretty Birds That Kill

Bar around the corner from The Smell

Kevin Blechdom