Wednesday, August 11, 2010


SO, next Tuesday (8/17) we are spinnin some mad jams. Here is the flier and for the Facebook event click here. I think they just may be some reaallly cheep Colt 45...Shhhhhh;)

Our new songs are about done. Holy man, they are great sounding, we are stoked! 2 of em out on Deathbomb Arc on 9/13. <<< Subscribe now to get em!!

Here is some pics at Josh and Elijah's house. We bbqed and were gettin ready for our collab track that we are playing a Big Fish on 9/12. Kid Infinity, Luna is Honey and us on one track together LIVE. Cooool! Their pad is so sick.

Went to see my buds Teenage Sweater and Starskate play and took one pic of Mario, my cam was actin weird, let's hope that doesn't happen any more.