Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bunch of Stuff

So, we are still looking for a roommate to share our rehearsal space at Bedrock Studios in Echo Park. Hit us up yo! $240/month. Pretty darn cheap.

We are working on getting some art for the EP coming out soon. Dana has some ideas over at her blog. Any help would rule! Anyone?!?

Don't forget to subscribe to Deathbomb Arc Digital Singles Club. We will be premiering two new songs on it 9/13!

9/12 We are doing a collaboration song live at Big Fish in Glendale. Wow! Kid Infinity, Luna is Honey and us all will be performing a song we have been working on together. 1 time only! It's gonna be special, and if you have never been to Big Fish..whoa..totally divey greatness!

8/17 Dana and I are going to be guest DJs at Some Nerve at Bigfoot Lodge!! I will post more about that soon.

Went to see Night Marchers the other night at the Echo. I love old Drive Like Jehu and Rocket from the Crypt, Hot Snakes, and all the other projects those dudes have done. It was a Buddyhead show...the crowd was older for sure, bunch of balding bearded dudes bopping their heads and holding a beer next to their girls. Oh, snap...I was one of em! Anyways, N.M. ruled as usual and Obits was just ok. Here's a pic from my camera phone.

Went to the Vice party at El Cid the other night. Sooo packed...huge line...guess what...we walked right in the back door unimpeded. Had a free Colt 45 in my hand in a manner of minutes. Our buds Crystal Antlers played and so did my elementary school classmate Har Mar Superstar. Got wasted. Took a pic of C.A. Fun fun!

Was in Palm Springs on Sunday and Monday...the Colony Palms Hotel is dope. So old school, 20s era. Really neat. Oh, and saw some fire on the way there too! Check some pix.

Went to Show Cave to see Halloween Swim Team and So Many Wizards last night. HST are good buds and killed it once again, and it was the first time for me seeing SMW...they are great! Pics:
So Many Wizards

Sillies and HST