Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So, looks like our buddy Justin who has been playing bass with us for a few years now is leaving the band. We love him still and hope for the best. So, we are looking for someone. With the new EP about to drop and a new surge forward in band stuff we need someone real quick. Hit me up if you know someone or if you, yes you, wanna give it a try, even if it's just temporary: claytv at gmail dot com.

There are pix from Shadowscene from the Batwings Catwings DJ set at Bigfoot here.

We are playing Part Time Punks this is the Facebook Event for it. Oh, and Dadfag and PHONES! too...both great!

New Male Bonding vid is feels classic early 80s.

Some pix from my camera phone...a black widow outside my apt and Dirty Dave shotgunning a beer at Cha Cha.

Check out these cool Batwings Catwings things a friend did. Nice!

See ya Sunday!!