Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MSR Comp//LAX Show//New Vids//3D@Smell//

So, tomorrow night our good old buddy Chavo and his label Modern Sleeze Records is throwing a web launch and CD compilation show down on Melrose. The comp has AIR.RAID, Animals on Coke, Anmlfe, AxRxM, Batwings Catwings, Black Elephant, Colleen Green, Crazy Joe Davola, Green Gerry, Halloween Swim Team, Ladyboy, Melted Cassettes, Narwhal Party, NEON NAVAJO, not the government, POWERAXE, Random Creeps, S&M PARTY ,The Jew Cocks, and Timimonster. You come, you get a download card for free download. Easy as that. Here is the Facebook event for it.

Tried to make it to the LAX show the other day and came right at the end...as Dunes was finishing..bummer! I was in the OC for a friends baby shower, which was rad too! Took some pics of blurry planes...or were they UFOs!?!! Click here for better ones!

Here is a vid that Erik A took of Laco$te a month ago or so...X rules! Go to 1:00 or so to see funny stuff.

Our buddies Fantastica Bastidas! have a new vid...nice!

Remember this Saturday at The Smell...Kid Infinity 3 mutha fuckin D yall! Gonna be really cool, promise.

Oh, and played some Wii with homies, K.I., Luna, Amanda, Erik, Ruiko, BWCW and the other night...kitty was trying to play too...

Ooooo...nice! Bye!