Tuesday, July 6, 2010

MN//Echo Curio Show!!!

SO, back from MN. So fun...lake, tubin, friends, fish, fam, fireworks, grillin, drinkin..man..the good life. Anyway, the Echo Curio show last week was INSANELY fun. Everyone was having a blast and a half. Kid Infinity started the night like they were closing the night...a superb way to get it all started. (BTW...gotta see their 3D show they are doing at The Smell..Wow!! Flier is on the bottom...) Next was I.E. , she destroyed and kept the crowd movin...then Michael Nhat..whoa! He was super fun...had some special appearances from Champ, Joshua, and Ryan from K.I. and overall...pretty much killed it. Luna came after them, they were great..even had these girls from Japan in school p.e. uniforms on do a little dance number (see gif), chou kawaii ne?!! Last was us...MOSH PIT. Yep. Thanks for everyone that came out! Grrrrreat times!


Luna is Honey

Michael Nhat


Kid Infinity