Saturday, July 17, 2010

Michael Vidal//New Trax//Pix

So, BWCW is goin on a little month break. We are gonna finish the recordings and Pepper goin back to St. Louis for some chill time with the fam. (BTW, our roommate at our rehearsal spot is leaving,,,do any of you know who wants to share our space with us?)

Two of our new trax are going to be released on Deathbomb Arc on September 13th. They will be part of the Deathbomb Arc Digital Singles Club. For $10 you will get 2 brand new songs weekly from bands like Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Back To The Future The Ride, Batwings Catwings, BITCHES, Blackbird Blackbird, Blissed Out, Captain Ahab, Ear Pwr, Endless Endless Endless, Ghost Animal, Girls in the Eighties, Haunted Horses, IE, Jason Forrest,Kevin Greenspon, Kiss Kiss Fantastic, Mickey Mickey Rourke, Modern Witch, Railcars, Rale, Saivus, Sickboy, Sister Fucker (members of Child Pornography & ex-Coughs), Teeth, Turbine, tik///tik, U.S. Girls, VNC and more!! It's such a good idea to hear so much new music. The link is here to subscribe. Do it!!!

Here are some pics from Michael Vidal's solo show the other night. So good!

Some BWCW Art

Some slow shutter photos for fun. My bro took and I held the sparkler.