Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BBQ SUNDAY!! and 3D Show at The Smell!!

So, Dana and I decided to have an impromptu BBQ at my place on Sunday. Holy smokes it was fun! I decided to do a group pic (Erik A, Bobby, Ryan, Nathan and Ruiko showed up later..shoulda took another pic but I was too sauced by then:) but shit...I had the multiple settings on and took a bunch...so, guess what? I made another GIF..lovin these lately. It's a funny one,,,we were all like normal and then realized the camera kept on taking pics then we started to move and laugh and shit.

Want to give a shout for our BFFs Kid Infinity's 3D show at The Smell on Saturday, July 24th. Like for real, a huge screen thing and we wear 3D glasses and shit is flying at us while we watch them. It will be insanely awesome. Click here for the Facebook Event...Goooooo!!!