Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3D Live and other 2D stuff.

SO, the other night our serious home boys Kid Infinity threw their 3D extravaganza. It was off the chain, a serious sweaty ass dance floor with 3D cubes flying at your face. There were so many friends and fellow Smell supporters that it felt like a giant family going to see some 3D movie...just add glow sticks for popcorn. Damn, even one of the dudes from fuckin Daft Punk was there for crying out loud. Anyway, it was magical. LA Times.com wrote up somethin about it and it will be in the paper in the next couple days. So stoked for them. They deserve it. I took a bunch of pics...got none of the other bands, I came late in a suit, was at a wedding (see pics below)...but I am sure they killed it because they (Juiceboxxx, Signals, Kid Static) are all homies and always slay. Here are the 2D pix. I went a lit nuts and posted a ton of em.

This pic kinda looks 3D!


Here is a pic of a place you all should go to...it's a rad place that looks like Oregon or somethin and it's just above Beverly Hills! Hit me up for info...

Went to see Robyn at Amoeba the other day. Man, I am a sucka for her pop goodness!

Went to WP24 last night up top of the new Ritz-Carlton with Ruiko...3years! That place is siiiiick!! Didn't take many pics but the Lobster and Prime Beef were like nothing I've had. OMG.

Pics from mu buddy Freddy's wedding...nutty! On top of Mulholland Dr.

Lastly...Psychemagik from the UK is doing a re-mix of Gold to Black...I will post it when it's done. Thanks dudes!!!