Thursday, July 22, 2010

3 Shows>>1 Night

So, made it to 3 shows last night. First got some pics of our friends Whoa Hunx playing with Cowabunga Babes at Origami Vinyl. After a quick shot of tequila and a beer headed over to Vlad on Melrose for the Modern Sleeze show...missed our pals Narwhal Party but got some pics of this dude Green Jerry, C.C. Something (sorry man, not sure who you were but your set was rad!), Black Elephant and some pics of this funny wanderer dude. After a quick beer at Pure Luck headed over to The Smell for Halloween Swim Team's EP release party and got pics of Eyes and HST.

1st Show > Whoa Hunx

Cowabunga Babes

2nd Show > Black Elephant

Guy with some kind of liquor mix in a giant gulp.

Green Jerry

CC guy

3rd Show > Halloween Swim Team


We need someone to share our space with us. It's in Echo Park. Bedrock Studios. Hit me up!! Starting 8/1.

Here is a pic of a vintage flying cat. Could make a cool album cover>!>!

See you at The Smell Saturday for 3D Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIP Silverlake Walking Man. I used to live right off Sunset and Fountain and would see him daily. Bummer...such a staple of Silverlake.