Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tonight @ The Smell/KXLU Vids/Halo 8/Luna is Honey Vid

So, lots of stuff here. Tonight, we are at The Smell with Future Islands (getting mad love lately), XBXRX, and Cold Mold (AR). Stoked.

Furture Islands played the thing we just played at KXLU a month ago. Here is a vid from that.

Here are some vids from our KXLU thing yesterday (the sound quality is assy but thanks Pablo for the trippy camera work:) and some pics.

Future Beats



We were asked to play a Pre-Comic Con party for Halo 8 on the 16th. Should be pretty nutty.

And I went to the Luna is Honey vid premiere last night, it's really good! Check it out! Nice work Scott and Ryan! So cool to see all of our buds in it too! We are playing with them on Thursday at Echo Curio. It's gonna be fantastic!

See you all tonight! We are on first!