Friday, June 4, 2010

Stuff for cheap and FMLY vid!

So, we have a link here for $5 tickets instead of $7 at the door for June 11th at Thesex w/ Jaguar Love, All Leather and Memory. It may sell out so use it if you can. Here is the link.

Here is more cheap stuff, like FREE. Here are our two songs we have out now. Take em. We are recording soon and will have more for ya. Thanks for everyone who is giving us mad props lately. Here is the link.

Oh, and we just got asked to play this Pasadena Music Fest with Matt and Kim and a bunch of others. We love to play outside!

Here is a video of the FMLY ride!

FMLY RIDE MAY from Dustin Muenchow on Vimeo.