Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pics from BITCHES/Foot Village/K.I. + this Friday party times!

So, went to BITCHES last night in the USA at McWorld last night. It was between this and HEALTH at the Echoplex, but I chose this! I missed Tan Dollar but I like them dudes, so no pics of em. The night was blast, we love homie shows, just a bunch of friends gettin nuts. I even wore my BITCHES shirt, just like Ryan Phillipe did! Hahahaha! Speakin of nuts, Kyle Mab kept hitting people in the nuts saying it's Tap Tuesday, I owe you one sir. I did another GIF for Foot Village, I love those things, gives you a better idea about how it was to be there. Video prob does better justice though but I like the choppiness. And be sure to come out Friday to Thesex. It'll be great!

Foot Village


Kid Infinity