Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pasadena Music Fest: We on at 2pm and Lakers Pie!

So, looks like pie time. Dana gets one in the face if Lakers win and I get pied if Celtics win. Can't believe I am band with a Celtics fan. Like, OMG. So after the pieing and Lakers victory, go out to see I.E. and Laco$te and also Hawnay Troof, Okie Dokie and others all in Hollywood. It's goin to be a nutty night.

So, my friend Amanda, MNDR, is killin it right now up in bay area. Here is a video and also link for her new song. It's really good! Stoked for you Amanda!

Be sure to come see us at 2:00om in Pasadena this Saturday. Bunch of bands and shit goin on.
Link with info here.