Monday, June 21, 2010

Pasadena and Recording!

So, we played Pasadena this past weekend. Pretty darn fun! We played and seemed to win over some new fans in the 65+ and 5- demographic so that's cool. After the show we got all liquored up and walked around the fest, then saw Toy Story 3 in 3D. Pretty good little flick.

Yesterday we recorded with Daniel H. (Bi-Polar Bear, Bad Dudes, Hiking) at Infrasonic Sound studios (Mika Miko, No Age,Beck, Mars Volta, Qui, etc...). Thanks Pete, David, and Daniel for being fucking great hosts! We will have 4 new tracks out in a month or so. They sound soooo good! They will turn some heads, no doubt.

Remember this Friday at 5 we are on KXLU and Saturday at The Smell with XBXRX, Cold Mold, and Future Islands. A show for the ages!

Here are some pics for ya to chew on. Hey Oooooooooo!

In da studio!


Matt and Kim