Monday, June 28, 2010

Future Islands, xbxrx, Cold Mold pics/Echo Curio this Thursday/DBA Digital SIngles Club

So, yeah....woooooo! Things are good. Our show at Then Smell on Saturday night was insane! It was one person away from sellin out! This was the biggest show I have done yet. Thanks to Jim and Kyle Mab for helping out on this. Future Islands are the nicest dudes, Sam gave me a really nice shout out on stage and even remembered when our old band, TPF!, played with them over a year ago. We kicked off the night and got the shit movin, thanks for all the dancin dudes! Cold Mold (see Sean for an interview with them, they are at Pehrspace tonight..6/28) was next, we have played with most of their old bands in the past and was happy to have them again. They were rad! The legendary xbxrx played after, whoa...they destroyed, I think they wrecked their bass and guitar by throwing them after the last song. NUTS! Last was Future Islands, the place was packed! People were really getting into them, they are hitting rock star status for reallzz! I snapped some pics. See them down there. I don't have much of us because Kyle and Dave from Narwhal Party were behind the camera and had no clue how to work it. Thanks a lot guys:(....Hahahaz!
ps Thanks to Nathaniel Connelly for the help on the pics!!

Oh, and you gotta check this. Brian (Foot Village, Back to the Future the Ride) from Death Bomb Arc is doing a new awesome thing called the Deathbomb Digital Singles Club. Each month from September 2010 until September 2011 he will send you a secret link for 2 new unreleased tracks from all sorts of bands, including us for a mere $10 for the whole year! Click here to get it. I already did!

More, this Thursday is gonna be insane! Come to Echo Curio to get nuts with a solid ass line-up.

More more, see this logo Josh from Luna is Honey made: Nice!! Metal!

More more more, Adie Kaye from London did a remix of our song Gold to Black. Click her name to hear it at her myspace.

Here are the pics from The Smell
Future Islands


Cold Mold (didn't get many of them because I was running around after our set)

US and random pics...I think the best job Kyle and Dave did was the pic that looks like a jelly fish. Nice work guys...keep your day jobs!