Thursday, June 24, 2010

Echo Curio last night/KXLU/The Smell Saturday Night!

So, kick ass show last night. I had a blast. Hawnay Troof, Signals, No Babies and good good. Speaking of good, there a dope show I am missing right now at The Smell (Cerebral Ballzy, Kid Static, Whoa Hunx, Juiceboxxx) I hate missing sick shows...drives me nuts! I am torn though...I am a workin man and I just can't get to em all. I feel like a little kid missin out on a slumber party. Bummer. Anyway, I took a bunch of pics so check em!

Remember KXLU at 5 tomorrow we are live.

Saturday night is gonna be rad too! Future Islands (They at Amoeba tonight, and KCRW tomorrow morning), XBXRX, Cold Mold, and us at The Smell. Nice! Here is the flier Kyle Mab (why do we get the dude in the trench coat anyway!) made and here is the Facebook event.

Oh, and our July 1st show is a LA Record 100 Festival show! Cooooooool!!!

Echo Curio Show Pics:
Hawnay Troof

No Babies